Left or Right Side to Part Your Hair – Which One Is Better?

Are you looking for a suitable hairstyle for yourself? Well, the side part will provide a better look. Using the best hair clipper to create side part hairstyle brings a professional, clean, and elegant look that anyone can also pull off, the students, celebrities, businessmen, for example.


Photo Credit: https://www.wedio.in/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/2.Simple-Side-Part.jpg

When saying to the side part, we should know that it has two variations. The first is the classic version, which makes you look conservative and clean. At once, it has the haircut that slightly touches to the scalp yours. With the modern side part, you will look wild, but the end is less pronounced and to look looser.

Nonetheless, the common question that the majority of men wonders – is part your hair better, left or right? Basically, it ought to understand that the chosen side is to depend on a couple of factors such as your cowlick, the features of your face, and so on.


Looking on the top of the head, you will see the outward spiral of your hair – it is cowlick. Simply, you can understand that it is the growing direction of your hair. Consequently, the part will be on the right when your cowlick moves counterclockwise, and vice versa.

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