Know Different Types of Pool Pump

The swimming pools are a source of recreation, refreshment and keep you healthy and physically fit as swimming  is an intensive physical activity that stretches your body muscles effectively and you feel tired and relaxed.  The swimming pools (learn about best pool pump) are spreading   everywhere throughout the world. May be, it is your home or office, a hotel or a club, a recreation place or a picnic spot, a small cottage place   or even a factory, the swimming pools are there  to amuse, entertain and refresh you. It has become almost a sort of luxury for everyone.


The swampy green pools give an ugly look and not hygienically suitable for swimming. A lot of debris gets accumulated at the bottom of the pools, strong wind make them dirty, continuous use make them contaminated,  the pool pumps clean the polluted water and then re-inject it to the swimming pools again, after removing all kinds of debris and algae. The pumps also chlorinate the water according to the established standards. Everyone wants to see the pools crystal clear which have increased the importance of the pool pumps even more.


There are several types of pool pumps which can be purchased according to your requirements and can be broadly categorized, into 3 main types.

(1) Single Speed Pumps:  The pumps that run at the speed of 3450 revolutions per minute. These pumps are operated on maximum power supply.

(2)  Double Speed Pumps: These pumps run on two speeds that at low speed and on high speed.

(3) Variable Speed Pumps: These pumps work on several speeds. Power can be adjusted according to the required demand. Operational cost is significantly reduced as pumps are not to run hard all the times and prove advantageous in cost factor.

Other Kinds: Other kinds are listed below.

Different Brands: There are different brands of the pumps as well, developed by the different companies.

Designed for Special Use:   The swimming pools may be of different types; the idea to install same pump, for in- ground pool and above- ground pool, is not correct. In above-ground pool water is fed to the pump through gravitational force and pump designed for such type will not work for in-ground pool. Water flow mechanism is differentiating.

The modern and advanced technology has benefited the society by manufacturing diversified pumps. The owners are anxious about choosing the suitable pumps for their pools, to select right capacity pump though it is not a formidable task, but   requires certain technical knowledge and basic information, as some people make mistake when they install extra large pump on their pools which exert an additional financial load over them. The following points should be kept in mind for better selection of pool pumps.

(1) What is the swimming pool capacity?

(2) What is the depth of water?

(3) Swimming pool is round, oval or rectangular in shape, you need dimensions to calculate storage capacity.

(4) What is the flow rate of processed water during a specified time?

(5) How much time would be needed to replace the whole water of the swimming pool?

(6) How much resistance plumbing system created against the water flow?

(7) Whether all components of pumps including the filters operate effectively?

(8) The motor matches or configures with the pump?

(9)Whether system will work properly & efficiently?

(10) Whether the system will provide lasting functionality?

(11) Will it is cost efficient?

Other Precautionary Steps:

The following points need extra attention:

Don’t try to vacuum your swimming pool yourselves because a lot of debris may get clogged in the pipes of vacuum pump.

To avoid turning your pool green, round the clock supervision, is necessary.

If pool cannot get cleaned despite of vigorous efforts it means the filter of the pool pump has lost its functionality. Backwashing your filter several times is necessary for better results.