Sump Pump Check Valve Failure

While the usefulness of sump pumps in areas of high ground water level cannot be overemphasized, too often, many people are faced with several problems with their pumps – some avoidable; others, not so much. There are various components of a functioning sump pump that work together to ensure the effectiveness of the pump.

In other to get the best sump pump, a check valve is often recommended as an essential component of the sump pump. The check valve functions to avoid back/negative flow of water into the sump pit. Too often, many people take this component for granted and it develops faults or it just naturally fails.To get the best out of your check valve, we will take a look at some of possible troubleshooting situations and solutions.


Check for Clogs

For most of the first likely causes of a “faulty check valve” is the possibility of clogging. Before settling with the decision to totally replace the check valve, you should start first by checking if it is clogged with debris. Yes! The check valve is easily susceptible to clogging and should be part of the things to clean out when carrying out routine maintenance of the sump pump.

This should not just end with cleaning the valve, the pipes in direct contact with the valve should also be cleaned and rinsed properly. This pipe can be removed with the aid of a screw driver but should be put back in same position it was.


Check the Installation

Sometimes the very beginning of the problem with the valve is from the installation. While it may not show itself at the beginning of the pump’s usage, continuous usage will eventually reveal the fault. To fix this, you would have to refer back to the manual, if you are a DIY kind of person. This way, you will be able to easily trace what part/step of the installation was not done properly.

Another way to get this done is to call the services of professionals and have them take a closer look at it. While this may cost more money than the average DIY, it has more guarantee for getting the problem fixed, especially if you have no idea about the installation process.

Replace the Valve

When all other process and repairs fails, the only viable option is to replace the check valve. It is easy to get a good replacement for your best sump pump by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Not only does it guarantee quality, it also ensures you keep the best sump pump performance at its very best.

If you are doing the replacement installation by yourself, you would need to cut the pipes where it attaches to the check valve gently. After a neat cutting, the new check valve is firmly kept in place with the aid of a PVC glue.

A professional can also be called in to help with the replacement installation. One just have to ensure that the plumber called is from a reputable company and has an appreciable experience in the field of check valve installations. As earlier stated before, this option always then to cost more because of the cost of service.


Having the best sump pump installed in a home is a sure way to prevent flooding. A faulty sump pump is as good as none and this is why it is always advisable to carry out proper maintenance on all components of the pump, including the check valve. The check valve functions to prevent back flow of pumping water into the sump pit, when the sump pump is switched off.

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